Mixtape Plays Your Favorite Rockin' Dancing Tunes
Bring Your Air Guitar and Dancing Shoes

Remember the days of our duel cassette deck players and the joys of high speed dubbing. Before the downloads and iTunes playlist we had our mixtapes. We personalized them to create a sound track for our lives. Music that takes us back to great times with family and friends.

Shelly Major-Drums
Guy Turchetti-Bass
Brad Beardsley -Keyboards
Connie Patti-Vocals
Jim Van Arsdale-Guitar


Some Bands On Our Mixtapes 

Aerosmiths-Bad Finger-Bryan Adams-Pat Benatar-Bob Seger-Bon Jovi-Blondie-Bonnie Raitt-Bruce Springsteen--BTO-Foreigner-Grand Funk Railroad-Greg Khin Band-Journey-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Neil Diamond-Ozzy Osbourne-Patti Smith-REM-Rick Springfield-Semi Sonic-Stevie Ray Vaughan-Three Dog Night-Tommy Tu Tone-The Beatles-The Clash-The Police-The Pretenders-The Romantics-The Rolling Stones-Wilson Pickett-Wild Cherry-ZZ Top-Van Morrison-Van Halen

Book Mixtape 315-694-8921(Shelly) or 315-289-8827(Jim)

Email: jimguitar@hotmail.com