From the recording The Healing

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Jim Van Arsdale~Acoustic/Bass/Electric Guitars/Vocals
Dave Conway~Drums
Connie Patti~Vocals
Juliana Grantz-Piano/Vocals
Paul Ciras~Alto aSax


Highway to Life

Today it finally hit me
How much I miss you
Your songs seem like
The echo of my life

The dreams you were chasing
Started out in Gainesville
Traveling through the years with us
Landing in our hearts
Our hearts, our hearts

The American Dream you sang about
Came true for so many
The wildflowers you planted
Grow in a field of plenty
The echoes of the melodies
Keep everything right
Our companion down the highway of life

So today I’m going Free Fallin
With the American girl I love
She’s been with me

Our great wide open is right in front of us
And we’ll drive right through it
Knowing that the road we’re on
Is really built to last
Built to Last, built to last