From the recording The Healing

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Jim Van Arsdale~Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Dave Conway~Drums
Connie Patti~Vocals
Paul Liberatore~Piano
Juliana Grantz~Vocals
Carey Eidel~Bass Guitar


“Everybody’s Place

I love this space
Here is the first time
I saw your face
A dream come true
And it’s still you

I love this space
It’s everybody’s space
Melodies in the walls
I hear the calls

She will be bright again
She will shine through
The darkness we all face
We love this space
We love this place

The heart of the town
It’s the best place
To hear the sounds
Of a girl in love
Flyin’ high above

If the chord don’t fit, I won’t play it
Just give me a nod at the middle eight
dd your harmony on the chorus
But most of all, don’t be late