1. Cover Band

From the recording The Healing

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Cover Band
Playin’ in a cover band
Playin’ in a cover band
Billy’s playin’ in a cover band
It’s a Saturday night

Billy’s got a band
And tonight they be gigin’
Names on the board
Feeling like we scored

Three deep at the bar
Crawford made him a star
Down the State Street Run
All the girls having fun

Billy’s on the bar
Jamming on his guitar
Spirit’s lounge is ripped
Chrissy’s making the tips


Jim Van Arsdale
Acoustic/Bass/Electric Guitars
Dave Conway~Drums
Paul Liberatore-Piano~B3 Organ
Paul Ciras~Alto Sax
Connie Patti~Vocals
Bob Nodzo~Vocals
“Our Gang of Billy’s in the Bar”
Sue Alexander
Mike Montagna
Paul Liberatore
Mark Owens
Jennifer Owens
Giovanni Pettigrass
Paul Ciras
Bob Nodzo
Connie Patti
Shelly Major