1. Crazy Town

From the recording The Healing

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im Van Arsdale
Acoustic/Bass/Electric Guitar/Vocals
Dave Conway~Drums
Connie Patti-Vocals
Bob Nodzo-Vocals
Paul Liberatore-B3 Organ


Crazy Town

Heading out on the 5 & 20
Visiting the family Utica way
Crazy Aunt Jo and Uncle Benny
Good stories will come from this day

Heading east through Skaneateles
Hitting the hills come Sullivan County
Crazy comes out when the cousins meet jack
But I’ve got the dough to pay the bounty

Just another walk down memory lane
Just another stroll down going insane
Just another trip to well your around
Just another visit to crazy town

Ridin’ over to Jimmy J’s
Here for a night maybe two
Billy’s jam and the joint is rockin”
You tell him again that you are through